Fratboy Jock


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• Wide 50 mm navy blue and yellow elastic waistband.
• Navy blue cotton cup with white stitching.
• Yellow piping around cup.
• White lifting rear elastic.

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Navy blue jockstrap made of cotton. The cup is accented with white stitching and yellow piping. The waist elastic is 50 mm wide, navy base with bright yellow logo, soft yet sturdy with ultimate stretchability and hold.

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49 reviews for Fratboy Jock

  1. Trever R.

    Great jock! I definitely prefer the mesh cups more, but this one is still sexy as hell. Love the blue and gold!

  2. Jacob F.

    This fit is comfortable and the fabric is soft and hugs my cheeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  3. Paul W.

    First time I order I never realized the jocks I ordered were mesh, and found they were tight and uncomfortable. Now that I ordered the correct ones I am very satisfied with the fit and the comfort! Keep it coming guys and feel free to add more cotton jocks. Thanks!

  4. alan m.

    Fits perfectly. Does not bind and can give easy access to the goods. Love it and will purchase more.

  5. Oliver W.

    I love the frat boy jock! So comfortable and such a perfect fit. Pump is my favourite brand.

  6. Simon F.

    Top Product

  7. DYLAN F.

    Only worn 2x. Great to add to the sexiness in the bedroom 😉


    I love the suit and the quality of the product

  9. Nathan S.

    Best jocks ever! Plus my BF loves them!!!

  10. Alejandro V.

    Very comfortable to wear, true to size and can be an everyday underwear! Love it and woukd recommend no doubt!

  11. Sully

    Try not to love this! I dare you! It’s so comfortable and I have to say… is it weird that i want to wear it all the time? Let me be honest, it’s that great haha.

  12. Adam S.

    Great product!

  13. George M.

    Make sure you get a size larger than you normally wear. I always wear medium in other brands’ underwear but I have to order Large from Pump!, which is fine, because it looks way better when your package is in a looser fitting cup than a tight one. I like almost all the color combos but the red white and blue are sorta boring.

  14. paul s.

    what a winner fits like a glove like the wide waste ban cant go wrong with this jock thanks pump

  15. Erik H.

    I wear this more than any pair of underwear I currently own. Love the color too

  16. olivier c.

    Premiere commande ! Pas du tout decu au contraire , bonne reception dans les temps , des sous vetements au top , agreable a porter , correspondant bien aux produits ! je suis conquis 🙂

  17. Noah B.

    It fits perfect and looks very good

  18. Michael S.

    So comfy and great design, will be ordering more for sure

  19. Tony

    The yellow really pops on this navy jockstrap 🙂 So comfortable to wear!

  20. Jonathan Q.

    Not only is this stylish and sexy, it fits me perfect. The pouch in front fully supports my front and the straps perfectly supports my rear; they are neither too loose or tight.

  21. Michael S.

    Super comfy and looks just as good as the pictures, and feels even better on! Perfect elasticity and stitching for great fit. Highly recommend.

  22. Donatas G.

    This was my first ever personal jockstrap purchase, and I am not regretting for choosing this model. Love the colors, it feels so comfortable that I want to wear it in my office!

  23. Brandon J.

    Absolutely love PUMP! However not a fan of the Frat Boy Jock – limited “pouch” space – way to confining and the fabric does not give. Waist band is very tight. Go with Thunder or PUMP! Jock Black, you won’t be disappointed.

  24. Kevin M.

    Great cut and fit…super comfortable…and the accent color is perfect and located in all the right places.

  25. Parker E.

    This jock is true to its size and fits very well! It’s very comfortable and durable too. I would highly recommend this jock to anyone and everyone!

  26. solomon a.

    another hit from Pump….I dont own alot of their products, but every one that I do own is top notch quality.

  27. Edward R.

    We recommend it highly. it’s very well made and looks hot

  28. CLAUDIO M.

    amazing shape and colour. My new fav jockstrap brand

  29. Steve

    I own three pair of Pump! underwear so far and the Fratboy Jock is one of them. They are comfortable, high quality and look great. I plan on ordering more in the near future.

  30. Yuan L.

    very comfortable and sexy. will get more in the future.

  31. Yuan L.

    very comfortable and sexy. will get more in the future.

  32. Gilles P.

    Pump! products always make my heart pumps. The end’s result is a better fit in my Pump! brief

  33. Gilles P.

    Pump! products always make my heart pumps. The end’s result is a better fit in my Pump! brief

  34. Peter K.

    I purchased this jock strap more as a gift for my significant other, than for me. I’m usually a boxer brief kind of guy, however these are extremely comfortable and I had no idea they would look so good on me!

  35. Jackson S.

    So comfy and soooooo sexy, I love them, and my boyfriend loves them even more! xD

  36. HUNG C.

    LOVE IT!

  37. Johnathan F.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, all of Pump!’s jocks are WAY too tight in the crotch. I’m not sure how anyone could find them comfortable for anything other than a short period of time. Don’t think I will buy again. 2 stars because they are very stylish, but not much else.

  38. troy m.

    So so so happy that I ordered this jock! So comfortable and looks great! I honestly don’t have one bad thing to say about them. I am ready to place another order. Also, I highly recommend ordering straight from the Pump site. Very comfortable, great fit and looks great on too. 100% pleased customer here.

  39. Alan H.

    Nice looking jock strap and very comfortable. My boy friend likes me to wear it to bed. Will be ordering one for him or similar. Thanks.

  40. Jeffrey L.

    This is one of my favorite jockstraps. The pouch is comfortable and yet enough color contrast to make a statement when seen. Great fit as always.

  41. Francisco N.

    These jocks have a very nice looking, also they’re comfy.

  42. Brandon F.

    This jock is very sexy, it fits great, it feels very supportive (thick bands), and would be great for everyday wear or gym wear.

  43. Francisco O.

    These jocks have a very nice looking, also they’re comfy.

  44. Jozef N.


  45. Jr G.

    undies from pump! are so comfortable! bands are the perfect width and the colors make a nice impression ;] lol

  46. Andrew Z.


  47. Jon K.

    Very sexy

  48. Martin

    Very comfortable underwear for all sports or casual wear.

  49. Mike M.

    this is my favorite pump so far. It still has the comfort of other Pump jocks but has the fit and color mixture that has pleased every person who’s seen them on me. A definite favorite!

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