Return Instruction

Thank you for reaching out, may I know the reason of your return?

Before returning any underwear, please note that we do not accept torn packaging, worn, or any product that does not contain its original tagging or packaging. If your items do not comply with the above, it WILL be refused.

If your items comply with the above, please follow the attached instructions for your return.


Carrera 36 # 10A-53


Be sure to ONLY use USPS (United States Postal Service) to ship your returning goods. Any other carrier will not be accepted as they will charge duties to you to reimport into Canada.

You must make sure to indicate on the package (or any other label that you add) that the reason for the shipment is: RETURN.

When asked what the value of the merchandise you are returning, you MUST not enter a value greater than 10$ USD. Since this is a return we suggest using 1$ per each item being returned. If you are returning 3 items also make sure the value you put is not greater than a total of $10. but rather 1$ per returning item I.E. 3 returning item =3$

Please DO NOT USE UPS – DO NOT USE FEDEX – DO NOT USE DHL as you will be charged duties

Unfortunately Your return will be refused if these instructions are not followed

Please let us know if you have any questions. Contact.